Function 2013

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Welcome to the Function 2013 website

The party is over!


2013. 09. 16. - That's it.

So yeah, that's about it for this year. No point in mincing words, all the necessary information results, releases, etc.) are available here. We'd like to whole-heartedly thank whoever showed up, made releases, peeled potatoes, etc.

Next year?

2013. 08. 30. - Also.

Only two weeks left before the party, so here it is, the remainder of events: Two seminars about JavaScript and freemium development! (Times are available in the new timetable.) Also on display are our wonderful sponsors!

So in short it would be a good time to start working on a demo now.

2013. 08. 18. - You must now.

And here it is, the Official Function 2013 Invitation Demo - we haven't had one of these in a while! Massive thanks to Pasy and the Rebels crew for their hard work on this!

Make sure you pepper it with your votes at!

2013. 08. 10. - What shall happen

Time is rushing forward so here are some updates about the events during the party:

  • First and foremost, and somewhat obviously: SIDRip Alliance will return!
  • More than that, on Friday night, ErrorPort will play a live set - you might know them from this year's Árok Party.
  • We've also prepared a film for you afterwards: Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, courtesy of 2 Player Productions.
  • And last but not least, the outdoor cooking session will also return on Friday - courtesy of last year's wild compo winner and scene veteran Immortal Rat!

Little more than 30 days left!

2013. 07. 26. - We r smarts.

A minor fix in the compo rules, since a few of you mentioned the discrepancy: 256 byte intros will NOT be run from Windows, we'll boot out to straight DOS instead.

2013. 07. 25. - Yay!

Are you ready for this year's edition? That's right, the location is still up, the compos aren't going anywhere, and SIDRip Alliance will continue to rock the house once again.

Our most notable change compared to last year is that we abolished the (frankly quite outdated) free entrance for ladies - at this point in time, it just seemed oldfashioned.

On the upside, however, we have good news for people who travel from afar: In recent years, many of our visitors have commended the hotel Le Rose, the lodge 10 minutes away from the partyplace. Well, we've reached out to them, and they generously offered to help us: If you're booking a room, let them know you're coming to Function, and they'll give you a discount. Seriously. That being said, you best hurry up, they only have 16 rooms.

In the meantime feel free to register and keep working on the releases, more news soon; follow us on Facebook or Twitter!