Function 2013

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Again we will supply you with interesting seminars, in both languages!

From Rectangle to Framework - Mike Gränz (mog / trbl / BurgEins)

JavaScript has become one of the most used languages lately, and can do more than just hiding divs with the help of jQuery. You'll be able to see, and be part, of how one gets from obtaining the 2D canvas to a scaffolding that can be the groundstone for your very own next demo. We will start with some of the basics of canvas 2D, and slowly add music and synchronization to beats and where to go from there. This is not purely for JavaScripters only, as you'll learn about tools like Rocket, and why rows are more fun to use than milliseconds. Module pattern doesn't ring a bell? Well after the seminar you'll ask yourself why you never used it before - suddenly APIs, clean code and classes everywhere. Of course we'll do this all in vanilla JS, and as there will be live coding with you as Syntax Checker, bring a beer to ease the pain :)

This seminar will be performed in English.

Freemium games: How to make money by giving stuff away for free? - Borsics József, Gameloft

In recent years, a new financial model has appeared in the software industry: thousands of free applications are beginning to replace the traditional premium products. But how can it be worth it for developers to develop and offer free software? Borsics József, Gameloft Hungary's senior game designer, will show you examples and time-tested tricks of this new model, which brings hundreds of millions of dollars of profit to developers worldwide.

This seminar will be performed in Hungarian.