Function 2013

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Party information

September 13 - 15, 2013
Táncsics Mihály Művelődési Ház
1238 Budapest, Grassalkovich u. 122-124 (Soroksár)
Google maps (GPS: 47.4022, 19.1131)
Entry fee
2500 HUF (around 10 Euros)

What's this party about?

function:13 (a.k.a. Function 2013 or f13) is currently the biggest Hungarian demoscene party; a computer-related event where fans of digital art compare their skills, exchange experiences and thoughts, and socialize in general.

At the party we welcome both the "oldskool souljah's" of the scene and beginners likewise. Don't be afraid that you don't know anyone yet or already; Hungarian demoscene has been a friendly group that's happy to see comebacks and newcomers alike. Over the years, we were lucky to host guests from all of Europe, and next to the newcomers, we were happy to see numerous veteran visitors who haven't been attending parties for a long while.

Function has also been lucky enough to host a variety of high-quality releases, many of which later went on to acquire other achievements. We're proud to say that our event has reached a name for itself as a source of strong productions - a fact that is supported by every Function party between 2005 and 2010 having a prod released that was later nominated for a Award!

To avoid any misconceptions: this is event is NOT a LAN-party, it is not worth to attend just because you want to play the same games you can play at home as well. You (hopefully) won't get tar-and-feathered if you do, but we'd like to note that you WILL probably miss the essence of the party.

However, if you're interested in a subgenre of computer technology which is mostly ignored by the public, then we'll be happy to see you at Function 2013!

What is the demoscene?

The politically correct definition of the demoscene is "underground subculture creating realtime non-interactive multimedia presentations". What does this mean in an intelligable way? A demo is somewhere inbetween a game and an animated short movie or a music video; while the visuals resemble the latter, technically it's closer to the former: demos run in "real time", which means that while the movie's every frame is calculated and stored once, the frames of the demo are calculated and displayed during that fraction of a second, when we are watching it. The demo is much like a theatrical play, everything is happening before our very eyes, while we spectate, and as during a play, demos can employ entropy as well; some demos look different upon every execution. This also has the advantage of while movies being hundreds of megabytes, demos are much smaller, often not larger than 64 or 4 kilobytes. Demoscene is the group of artists who create these demos. Members of the scene are coders, musicians, graphic artists, 3D modellers, or simple laymen who, although not taking part of the actual production, simply like demos and being around the people involved.